Blood and Bone by Tara Brown


Original Title: Bullets Made of Blood and Bone

Year Published: 2014

Published by: Amazon Publishing (an arc was kindly provided via NetGalley)

Number of Pages: 204

First Sentence: Samantha! Sam! Hey, wait up! Samantha Barnes! Wait!

Goodreads Rating: 3/5


Listen, listen to the wind and stone.
Listen, listen to the sounds of old.
Listen, listen as my hopes are drowned.
Listen, listen to the sounds that bullets make of blood and bones.
Where will you run today?
How will you ever get away?”

This is NOT a romance. This is a ride.

Blood and Bone

The hollow sound of a casing hitting the floor.
The clicking of heels walking in a misty alley.
The ability to tie a cherry stem with her tongue.
A haunting song no one else knows.
That’s all that’s left of Jane’s memories.

What would you do if the life you lived was a lie, and everyone knew but you?
Where do you run when there is no one on your side?
Jane discovers that deep inside her mind there is a map.
What she doesn’t know is that there is also a man who will do anything to get it.

But what he doesn’t know is that Jane hasn’t always been honest about the things she remembers.
There are paces inside of Jane that even she doesn’t like to go.

What would you do if the secret you kept was the only thing keeping you alive?

But keeping it meant someone else had to die.

My thoughts:

This is not a bad book. It is just not my genre. It is a mystery/thriller novel and that is not up my alley at all. I however, gave it a shot, since I was the one to request it on NetGalley. Like I said, it is not a bad book. In fact, it is interesting and builds suspense very well. But it is not my type of genre, and I have found that I do have a hard time enjoying books that are from a genre I generally don’t like.

There were annoying things. The relationship between Jane and her boyfriend Derek, which proved to be abusive in a sense although for a very good reason, which was revealed in the end (btw, this is not me saying abuse is OK. It is never OK, and not matter your reasons they will never justify you abusing anyone in any way).  Jane herself was extremely annoying, being overly indecisive and just overall frustrating.

The basic story is very interesting. What would you do if you have long-term amnesia, meet a stranger in the street who then tells you that everything the people you love and trust have told you are lies? I think we all would be very freaked out. I think the issue of Jane’s amnesia was handled very well, and the backstory that was built up around why she got amnesia was also very interesting and definitely helped building the suspense.

The end is definitely mind blowing and what saved this book for me. Until the final three chapters, I found myself switching between interested and very frustrated.

Do I recommend it? ,

Sure. It’s a good book, just not my type of book. It is fairly well written and even I found it interesting and did enjoy reading it. If you like mystery/thrillers and enjoyed the Bourne movies, then you will probably love this book.


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