The Importance of Being Ernest by Oscar Wilde


Since Kayla added her review I’ll put mine up here to 🙂 I will only include my thoughts since Kayla had all the basic information and plot 🙂

My thoughts:

I have a feeling that I would have enjoyed this much more if I had seen it instead of reading it. Plays are always difficult to read because sometimes a play is only good when performed. I still liked reading this though, but I can’t say it was a great read. It is quick, only 58 pages long, so it takes no time reading it.

What is it about then? Two sort of rich young men, both having created a person they use to get away from certain obligations in life. Jack, has created a brother called Ernest. For some reason the young lady he is in love with thinks his name is Earnest (I was really confused about this btw) and pretty much only accepts his marriage proposal because she thinks Earnest is such a great name.

Algy has created a sickly friend but mocks Jack when he finds out that his brother Earnest is not real. He travels to Jack’s country house after finding out that he has a young ward, Cecily. He falls in love immediately when he meets her. She, however, thinks he is Earnest, because he introduced himself as such, and pretty much also will only marry him because of the name. Yadda yadda, blah blah blah.

Miscommunication is a b**ch. Don’t lie. Be honest.

It did have its funny moments and it is probably really funny when watching it. Reading it wasn’t inspiring.

Do I recommend it? 

Well… sure why not? It is not bad, it just isn’t fantastic. Btw, you can get it for free over at Amazon, so if you want to read it, go fetch!


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