Throwbook Thursday

Throwbook Thursday is a meme where we here at Bookishwives recommend books that we have already read and loved, and that we now think that all of you should read as well.

However, since we suck at planning this (and I honestly don’t know why), we haven’t agreed on a book to recommend this week (just like last week). But we actually remembered to post a post today (yay us!).

Rickus recommendation:


Dark Lover by J.R. Ward. Released in 2005 by Penguin Group (US) and 393 pages long. This is a brilliant book with an awesome take on vampires. Forget the sparkling ones, instead think of super badass vampires that fight evil on the streets of New York. There is a whole hidden world of vampires, and they are protected by an elite group called the Black Dagger Brotherhood. The leader of this group is called Wrath (yeah, they all have wicked cool names) and this book (nr 1 in the series) is centered on him. The whole series is 14 books long (atm that is) so if you like the first one, you have loads more to read.

Reasons to read:

  1. Super cool vampires and an amazing world to step into
  2. Amazing and strong female characters that help and support each other and their men
  3. Gay characters (only two, but anyway)
  4. A lot of humour
  5. So much action

And much more honestly. But those are the important ones. Seriously, if you love fantasy, action and is tired of the standard vampire stories then this is the story for you. I’m about to start book 12 and I still love all the characters. Yeah. to be honest, some books have chapters and characters that are super boring, but overall, the books are amazing.


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