Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Sea of Monsters by Rick Riordan (book #2)

Original Title: The Sea of Monsters
Year Published: 2014 (first published 2006)
Published by: Disney Hyperion Books
Number of Pages: 279
First Sentence: My nightmare started like this.
Goodreads Rating: 5/5


Percy Jackson’s seventh-grade year has been surprisingly quiet. Not a single monster has set foot on his New York prep-school campus. But when an innocent game of dodgeball among Percy and his classmates turns into a death match against an ugly gang of cannibal giants, things get . . . well, ugly. And the unexpected arrival of Percy’s friend Annabeth brings more bad news: the magical borders that protect Camp Half-Blood have been poisoned by a mysterious enemy, and unless a cure is found, the only safe haven for demigods will be destroyed.

In this fresh, funny, and hugely anticipated follow up to The Lightning Thief, Percy and his friends must journey into the Sea of Monsters to save their beloved camp. But first, Percy will discover a stunning new secret about his family—one that makes him question whether being claimed as Poseidon’s son is an honor or simply a cruel joke.

My thoughts:

I loved this book even more than I loved the first book. I was a little hesitant about reading this thought since I had seen the film and thought it sucked. I learnt very quickly that the book is a thousand times better than the film. It’s funny, interesting and very engaging. The plot is fun and interesting, packed with enough adventure and humour to balance itself out. It never got boring and the book reads very quickly.

If you want to know my opinions on Percy, Annabeth and Grover, check out my review of book number one. We do get to meet some new characters in this book and get better acquainted with some that were introduced in the first book. There’s Tyson, Percy’s half-brother. Percy first meets Tyson at the school he is in at the start of the book and becomes his only friend. Tyson is huge, daft and clumsy. It turns out that he is a cyclops, and since cyclopses also are sons of Poseidon, it makes Percy and Tyson brothers. Percy struggles with this information throughout the rest of the book.

There is Clarisse, a stuck up brat (in Percy’s eyes) and the daughter of Ares. She gets the quest that Percy want’s and holds this over Percy’s head. She, however, turns out the be quite valuable in the end, though. There is of course also several yet interesting minor characters that keep the story interesting and moving forward. They are also necessary since Percy can be downright clueless from time to time.

It ends on a brilliant cliffhanger that literally had me lunging after the third book to find out what would happen next.

Do I recommend it? 

Yes, I do. It’s brilliant and will get you even more interested in the rest of the series.


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