Roller Rink Witchcraft by Raven Snow


Original Title: Roller Rink Witchcraft

Year Published: 2016

Published by: N/A

Number of Pages: 40

First Sentence: Play that funky music, white boy.

Goodreads Rating: 2/5


In the small town of Waresville, witches, goblins, and ghouls are money in the townspeople’s pockets. Without the magic stores on every corner and spooky tour bus ride, how would a place nicknamed “Wheresville” survive? But when Harper “Foxxy” Beck, owner of the Funky Wheel and all-around groovy witch, finds her murdered accountant plastered to her floor, the citizens are taught a valuable lesson about creatures that go bump in the night: they kill. Turning Harper’s world on its head, the police arrest someone close to her, and she’s forced to investigate to clear her friend’s name. But as this foxy lady gets closer to the true identity of the killer and the alluring Detective Bennett, the man actually assigned to the case, the quiet town of Waresville turns into a dangerous place for a meddling witch.

Suddenly, her long-standing roller rink is a battleground for a satanic witch, and suspects are popping up everywhere she looks. When a second body appears, shattering everything she thought she knew about the murders, Harper needs to decide whom she can trust. With the help of her cape-wearing best friend, her hunky detective, and her terrifying witch of a grandmother, Harper must use the clues before her to solve the case. But in a town with hundreds of years of feuds and spooky happenings, will she be able to dig up the truth before hers is the next head on the chopping block?

My thoughts:

Thankfully this was only a short story. It was very “messy” and it felt like the author had tried to cram too much action into it. The plot feels jumpy and sure it’s a short story but I’ve read short stories that are perfectly balanced and crammed with events. This was crammed with events but so badly balanced.

It doesn’t help that the main character, Harper, is annoying and very unlikable. I did not connect with her at all and kind of wanted to give her a good angry shake most of the times.

The romance feels forced and was a totally unnecessary element. It also develops way too fast and doesn’t feel believable.

I don’t know what else to say apart from once again saying that this wasn’t a good short story.

Do I recommend it? 

Not really.


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